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Here's the lowdown on the Sacramento Hash House Harriers:
We're the longest running chapter of the world-wide drinking club with a running problem in the Sacramento area, bar none! (and then some). If you're looking for an excuse to get up off of that couch, grab a beer firmly in hand and declare "I like to drink, and run, why can't I have both"? Well...now you can! Cum out and join the other half-minds who share your same interests on trails of joy, adventure, and danger that would rival anything James Bond would do (we do martinis now and again, but probably not the same stock JB would use, and certainly not shaken!)
If you like beer and running...then this is the club for you. We welcome all...and all are welcome to join in the fray. Click on the Sacto H3 Yahoo Group link below and drop us a line if you would like to learn more about or be part of the Sacramento Hash House Harriers. There are no requirements to join. Even if you don't drink beer, don't worry. Soda, water, and vitamin "J" (junk food) are always provided. So getup, get outside and join us on trail. Every event is a new adventure and a chance to meet new and interesting people (you might have to bring your own martinis every so often).
Our runs alternate every other weekend, usually on Saturdays, sometimes on Sundays, during the summer we'll run every wednesdays, while during the winter months we'll cut back to a run here and there (usually around full moons). We also host regional runs where hashers from across the state and the country venture out to join us for several days of hashing and assorted debauchery. This is your chance to match half-wits with other half-minds on crap nobody gives a crap about! You can't beat that on the measly cost of a six-pack o' quality brew or a lousy five bucks (Our Hareline link will explain that nonsense).
Check out the hareline
Calendar (THE RED ITEMS) above for the time and date of our next hash.
Just show up...and that's it!

If you simply want to be three sheets to the wind, but don't want to be the only one incoherent,
then check out our
calendar (YELLOW ITEMS) where you will be given the same aforementioned opportunities
 to hook up with strange people without the icky running part.

Also listed are

Nearby hashes (BLUE ITEMS) that are doing something fun... Usually.
Sac H3 Haring Guide,
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info email link

Want your own fancy schmancy @sach3.com email address? 
Contact Geezer Pleezer on the SactoH3 Yahoo Group.